First RealFund’s Mission is to identify, offer, co-invest, & manage superior commercial real estate investments with capable owners and quality assets. Our foundation is decades of commercial real estate financing, asset management, sales & trading, and crowdfunding experience.

How do we achieve our objectives:


Investment selection incorporates a rigorous due diligence process that assesses each asset, market trends, location, caliber of ownership, and a detailed financial analysis including face-to-face meetings with owners and a property tour prior before committing to a deal.


Our website is designed to concisely convey salient offering data, provide secure access to comprehensive diligence information, and a seamless online transaction process. Webinars, drone videos, and direct phone calls are vital parts of our transparent offering process.


The investor dashboard provides easy access to property updates, transaction documents, and distribution data. Our co-investments ensure pertinent and timely updates and incentive to utilize asset management capabilities when or if necessary.


Qualified owners with relevant and suitable track record, material equity, impeccable market intelligence, relevant relationships (including accesses to good debt), management capabilities, and are typically growing their portfolio with healthy demand for additional capital.


Growing metro areas, location, and a cogent story that incorporates historical perspective and readily-supported forecast assumptions.

Target Offerings

Investment Type

Equity Preferred and/or Joint Venture.

Debt Mezzanine, Subordinate, & Senior Bridge Debt

Term1 – 3 years
Min Investment$10,000 – $25,000 (project specific)
Total Raise$500,000 – $2,000,000
DistributionsQuarterly (project specific)
Key StrategiesValue-Add, lease-up, new construction
Asset TypesMultifamily, condominium, industrial, mixed-use, office, hospitality
Geography (1)United States with a focus on NYC metropolitan area

1) Gateway cities and attractive secondary markets are priority

Each Project offering page offers a holistic overview analysis and detailed analysis of the property, owner, market data, forecast, as well as land financial due diligence materials.

dan drew

Daniel Drew, CEO

Mr. Drew’s commercial real estate finance career started 20+ years ago by mastering the stringent and comprehensive underwriting guidelines for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac multifamily senior loans across the United States. He advanced to underwriting and placing equity and debt throughout the capital stack and for all commercial real estate asset classes. His career includes positions at Deutsche Bank, Carlton Group, GE Capital, & Cantor Fitzgerald.

The 2007-08 financial crisis yielded an extraordinary opportunity to trade distressed and sub-performing debt positions at Cantor Fitzgerald, where Mr. Drew advanced to Director and co-head of the Whole Loan trading desk. Most recently, he has mastered the crowdfunding marketplace by funding new investments while managing a $40+ million crowdfunded portfolio.

Mr. Drew has established himself as a resilient leader in Commercial Real Estate Finance by effectively leveraging his skills: advanced underwriting capabilities, superior relationship management, and persistent transaction management.

Mr. Drew holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Josh Lewski, Co-Founder

Josh earned a Bachelor of Commerce (finance & accounting) and completed a semester abroad in California where he had his first taste of the US real estate market. He subsequently completed a Bachelor of Property Real Estate Development.

Josh began his career in financial services, transitioning into real estate full-time. He worked for a family run development group in Australia, quickly moving into structured finance and syndication.

Josh started scouring the US market in 2010-2011 looking at distressed real estate opportunities when the Australian dollar was at parity. During the last 3 years, he has spent the majority of his time in NYC cultivating relationships with developers, builders, agents, mortgage brokers, and architects. He brings 10 years of real estate experience, including development, acquisitions, syndication and structured finance.